Glenevin works with Governments to address and correct causes of negative international media coverage.

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Glenevin Government Consulting Services has worked predominantly in Africa with several Governments and several Government agencies. Our programmes have ranged from single agency capacity building / training to holistic multiple agency (Governmental) strategic development and operational implementation. Our skills and experiences are wide and varied but we tend to concentrate on the areas of national security, national stability and national reputation management.

We add stability to struggling or emerging nations by enhancing their agencies performances so that Government can meet its strategic and economic goals. As part of these improvement programmes we also manage the communications and information dissemination

Glenevin have conducted programmes in the following areas:


  • National media monitoring and response (news media & social media)
  • National and international information creation and dissemination structures (government press offices and embassies)
  • National image enhancement


  • Conflict resolution
  • Operational management and compliance mentoring for government agencies
  • Anti-corruption
  • Compliance management of international security and safety standards
  • National Crisis Management
  • Security industry regulation


  • Special police and military unit training, structure and deployment
  • Management of targeted national and international intelligence operations
  • Police reform programmes
  • Combating organised crime
  • Anti-illicit trade programmes
  • Anti-piracy
  • Surveillance / counter surveillance
  • Secure communications / de-bugging
  • Drug interdiction
  • Marine operations


In the fast moving world of international media and commentary some countries and Governments can project a negative image, this is often due to the actions or inactions of Government agencies and departments.

Some of the commentary can be fair, in that the department or agency is not preforming well and therefore causing negative comment. Glenevin Government Consulting Services can correct this by:

  • Analysing the problem
  • Designing a corrective action
  • Implementing the corrective action by the insertion of Mentors, trainers, advisors and change managers

However some of the commentary may be unfair. The commentary maybe bias, misinformed, malicious or lazy. Glenevin Government Consulting Services can correct this by:

  • Analysing the cause of the negative commentary
  • Together with Government devise a rebuttal plan
  • Implement news and social media monitoring and rebuttal
  • Develop a coherent and consistent rebuttal system and positive story generation
  • Develop a structure for information creation and dissemination nationally and internationally

Glenevin Government Consulting Services manage international reputation for countries and governments that are experiencing a negative media momentum by rebutting unfair comment and/or fixing the causes of fair comment.

Glenevin Government Consulting Services is unique in our ability to analyse the issues, present a holistic solution and supply the change managers, mentors and trainers to implement the solution. As a private (for profit) Irish company we have no foreign or biased agenda and work solely for our clients’ interests.


Glenevin Government Consulting Services assist Governments by improving the performance of departments and agencies which are causing national or international negative commentary. We focus mainly in the Security and National reputation sector but have carried out major projects with various Governmenst agencies (trade, tourism, health etc.).

We design holistic, strategic solutions based on a clear understanding of the need requirement or vision and then (through the placement of mentors, trainers, advisors and change managers) manage all aspect of its implementation.


Our methods, although simple, are based on knowledge, experience, unencumbered logic and an ability to be realistic and politically aware. Our unique background and nationality (Irish) has enabled us to work at the highest levels without bringing native national agendas or prejudices.

We implement change (and international best practice married to local requirements) over an agreed period until ultimately transferring our influence to native protégés found along the path of change.

Glenevin Government Consulting Services have worked predominantly in Africa with several Government and agencies to improve their performance and improve or protect their national reputation and image.


Our expertise is broad, however we tend to focus on areas that add stability to emerging or struggling nations in that we work on improving the external / international perception by positive actions internally that will attract foreign direct investment and international status. It is our experience that developed nations and large corporations will be more attracted to do business with countries that meet international best practices and have national stability in their security, judiciary, financial systems, customs and trade executive structures.

Obviously stability in these executives needs to be matched by political stability and again it is our experience that citizens tend to be more satisfied with their politicians when these executives operate efficiently.