Glenevin works with Governments to address, correct and neutralise causes of negative media coverage and threats to the state.

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Glenevin works predominantly in Africa and Asia with several Governments and Government agencies. Our programmes concentrate around “Open Source Information Management” and “Closed Source Information Management” and range from single agency capacity building / training to holistic multiple agency (Governmental) strategic development and operational implementation. Our skills and experiences are wide and varied but tend to concentrate on the areas of stability, reputation, and security management.

We add stability and profile to fragile or emerging nations by enhancing Government communications & intelligence and providing technical systems, infrastructure, process and procedure.

Open Source Information Management

Through media analyses, media management, and positive story generation, we have dramatically changed the international and national perception of Governments and leaders. We have developed and implemented programmes in strategic communication and agency performance improvement. Maturing plans for Governments and leaders from having non-existent media profiles to leading world rankings. We believe that to improve image and performance, Governments and leaders must:

Closed Source Information Management

Government and agencies must also possess the ability to target and monitor subversive elements that pose threats from within or outside the state. Glenevin develop world-class communication intrusion systems and are not subject to the trade restrictions that often confine other western companies. Our systems allow for:

Glenevin’s programmes have:

Our methods, although simple, are based on knowledge, experience, unencumbered logic and an ability to be realistic and politically aware. Our unique background, nationality (Irish) and knowledge of African affairs have together enabled us to work at a strategic level without the burden of indigenous national agendas or prejudices.